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Help I’m In Love

Programs that offer relationship support for individuals having various difficulty in coping with their relationships.
Help I’m In Love
A relationship training and empowerment program for singles and married. The program creates an opportunity for young people to access quality and time-tested principles for building long term relationships.

Personality Test

  • Tests of Love
  • Communication Skills
  • Handling Conflict in relationships
  • How to choose a life partner
  • How to cope with a break up
  • Dealing with negative emotions such as anger

Operation ‘one for ten’

The idea is to reach as many individuals as possible who would be willing to donate a minimum of 10 copies of any of our books to ten other persons who would eventually benefit from the content of the material. This is a concept of one person indirectly reaching ten people with the love and relationship information contained in the publication.Our target is to reach 10,000 individuals who would support this project so that we can reach have reached 100,000 people.