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It is an error to think that marriage is a platform for escaping life challenges as their are peculiar challenges in marriage no matter how sweet it is. Every couple does not smile all the time even when they smile all the time to the public. There are issues you must toughen up to deal with when you get married.

Marriage is indeed pleasurable if you get it right. It is the best platform for experiencing intimacy and highest expression of love. Where else do you have the legal and moral right to enjoy an exhilarating, titillating and explosive sexual episodes if not in marriage? There is nothing wrong if your love tank full with emotional feeling of love as you look forward to marriage with great expectation. However, do not fool yourself with the notion that the feeling of love would pay bills. The feeling of love would not handle the issues around pregnancy, childbirth or growing children.

In marriage, a man has to be mature enough to deal with the hormonal changes in a woman which could influence her mood. In marriage, a woman does not look bright and charming all the time. In marriage, a man can go weeks without sex because she is pregnant and does not feel it or she just had a baby. I know that you enjoy talking a lot as a lady but in marriage, a man may resort to solitude rather than discuss his issues with you the wife. In marriage, a man may come home from work dejected and rejected, which could make him aggressive. In marriage, you have to deal with in-laws and extended family members. In marriage, there are times you feel nothing for each other but must work on bringing back the passion. In marriage your one and only could turn out to be your only source of pain, yet you are expected to deal with it and forge ahead. In marriage, things do not always work out as planned; you may not end up living in your dream house, have your dream job, live in your dream city, ride your dream car, have your dream children when you desire to. There are twists and turns in life.

In marriage, you must moderate your expectation and not anticipate a world of fantasy where your wishes would become horses. My point is not to scare you from marriage but to help you understand that marriage is a call to responsibility to God and to the one you choose to love. If you are not prepared to take up that responsibility, there is no point stepping into it just to ruin another person’s love party.

By Gospel Amaugo



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