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Campaign focus



Sexual health

  1. Collaboration with Schools, Government, CSOs, religious and community leaders in the delivery of appropriate sexual health education.
  2. Collaborate with relevant government Ministries to contribute to the development of relevant policies and frameworks that would improve the quality of sexual health of Nigerians especially young people. Support the government effort towards the improvement of sexual health through awareness campaigns.
  3. Increase access to sexual health knowledge of young people before sexual initiation. Increase access to healthcare facilities by individuals living with HIV
  4. Increase access to HIV prevention messages through production of key prevention messages.
  5. Build capacity of adolescent and youth on implications of teenage pregnancy, disseminate information on benefits of delayed sexual debut through training, outreaches and customized awareness campaigns.
  6. Provide linkages to vulnerable pregnant teenagers to health facilities and social welfare department.
  7. Provide psychosocial support and relevant counseling.
  8. Promote gender equality and sexuality education campaign to schools, youth forums and youth friendly centers.


Informal Caregivers and Family Support Programmes

  1. Families form the microcosm of functional societies. How they are structured and run reflects on the society at large. Our task here is to empower families to build stronger, healthier, and morally balanced societies.
  2. Empowering singles and married couples through family education, training and providing support towards building healthier relationships.
  3. Increasing access to third party mediators in cases of divorce, separation, or abuse with intent to minimizing the negative impact the process might have on family members or significant others.
  4. Providing support centers for victims of broken relationships.
  5. To contribute to the wellbeing of informal caregivers of persons with chronic ill health.
  6. Highlighting the impact of caregiving on the mental health of informal caregivers with key focus on depression, stress, anxiety and loneliness.
  7. To highlight the impact of some psychosocial factors such as stigma and discrimination on the mental and emotional wellbeing of family caregivers.
  8. To work with relevant governmental and non-governmental agencies in providing support and assistance to target family caregivers.



If you desire to talk to someone about sex, relationships or family related issues, we have different ways through which you can reach any of our counselors. We run sex and relationship training for individuals and corporate organizations.

You can use our “contact us” page to reach us. Our dedicated staff will arrange a virtual or real time meeting. Ours is to serve; yours is to ask.



We offer outstanding professional training on a variety of topics to enhance relationship development and sustenance for individuals and corporate organizations. We train individuals who are passionate about developing the skills and knowledge for helping others succeed in their relationships. Our training packages include: individual training, couple’s training and group training, respectively.

Key training topics

  1. Training the trainer- skills and knowledge for helping others succeed in their relationships.
  2. Understanding and developing yourself- a key to love and healthy relationship.
  3. How to choose a life partner without stress
  4. Relationship fear syndrome
  5. Simple strategy for handling jilt or heartbreak
  6. The road map for your relationship
  7. Getting ready for intimate relationships
  8. The benefits of marriage.
  9. Managing your emotional bank account
  10. Why you act the way you do to your spouse
  11. Synergy- understanding the power of unity
  12. The principle of love and submission
  13. Communication-key to intimacy
  14. Sex in marriage
  15. Sex lies and the truth you need to know
  16. Sex outside the limit
  17. The impact of infidelity/illicit sex
  18. How to manage your sexual desires
  19. Strategies for keeping sex within the limits
  20. The health implications of inappropriate sexual behavior