Family Relationship Builders International is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) committed  to providing relationship support  and promoting sexual health and wellbeing of individuals.




Our vision is to see a society where quality relationships, sexual health and wellbeing of every individual is promoted.




To  promote sexual health and wellbeing  of individuals at every stage of life and to support healthy family relationships.



Our Values:

Accountability: We are transparent and accountable to our stakeholders and partners.

Integrity: This is the fundamental to programme content and delivery strategy. It is central to success in life and relationship.

Service: Our service is to God and to humanity.

People: People are the most significant part of our existence as an organization; our clients, target group, partners, stakeholders, staff and volunteers.

Partnership: We are open to collaborate with others who share similar passion with us as this will enhance our effectiveness and level of impact.

Our core Competence & Approach

  • Advocacy for change
  • Social & community mobilisation
  • Capacity building & mentorship
  • Relationship Competence Development
  • Family development
  • HIV Prevention and Care
  • Education
  • Family Empowerment Programmes
  • Partnership & Linkages
  • Malaria Prevention, treatment and care
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Proposal and Curriculum development
  • Research

Our Team

Gospel Amaugo CEO emp 3 Gospel Amaugo CEO

Amarachi Amaugo Human Resources emp 2 Amarachi Amaugo Human Resources

Feyi Kehinde Planning emp 4 Feyi Kehinde Planning